name: jasper
prns: he/they
age: ∞
status: undead.

hello friends, it is i, jasper..
if theres one thing u gotta know about me is i love the macabre, and all things horror-y and gory. i especially like horror content found online, like ARG's, creepypastas, or anything else of the sort. some of my favorite online horror anomalies include: monument mythos, gilbert garfield, the hypnogogic archive, LHOHQ, the gangadiddle, and daisy brown. (if you aren't familiar with some of these, i highly recommend checking them out!) i also really really really love music, my favorite genres include death/black/thrash metal, punk/alternative rock, breakcore, and a fuck ton of other genres thrown in here and there. my favorite music artists would probably be godsmack, korn, alice in chains, the smashing pumpkins, car seat headrest, they might be giants, weezer, machine girl, lemon demon, sublime, and many many others. im also a really big fan of 80's and 90's norwegian death metal and i'll occaisionally listen to mayhem (hail dead!) and burzum. that shit is cool. i also like to make music myself, i love making music so much and i hope to start a band soon :]
i also have adhd and autism and a crippling nicotine addiction lol

oh yea...
im a pretty big fan of neco arc...