I APOLOGIZE FOR THE 1 MONTH HIATUS. ive been either too busy or too lazy to work on this site. but i will continue to add some small things again. ive been writing a lot recently so i will probably expand on my poetry page. ill add some short stories ive written on there too! but yeah sorry for being gone so long. ill try to make sure it doesnt happen again


hello! sorry for the lack of updates recently, i dont have many new ideas of stuff to add here lol. my life hasnt been very exciting recently, but i am working on myself a lot. ive become a huge fuckin hippie tbh im studying paganism a lot and i tend to find myself outside a lot more often. i may start adding some side projects i tend to work on to this site, to make things more interesting. this has been a big passion of mine for years and im not gonna stop till this site is absolutely overflowing


hello all my chronically online creatures and merry christmas!! today has been pretty cool i got a new guitar and a shit ton of candy im rockin and rollin rn


hi everyone, sorry for the long hiatus ive had a lot on my plate. ive been doing a lot to get better recently and im starting to realize that bad things need to happen for good things to come from them, and that every infliction of pain is an oppurtunity to heal :] i just hope that she realizes that aswell. ive been a lot more in touch with nature recently too. i really hope that after everything that this is really the point where things start to get better for me. i also may start to make some video logs on this site soon because im bored and dont have much else to do lol


maybe i am pretty creepy. i didnt mean to be i just cant help it ive never loved anyone before and ive definitely never had someone i genuinely love leave before so i didnt understand how to react. i apologized to her


i miss my love


thanksgiving was something. spent it with my friends family instead of my own since my family doesnt really care abt me. its funny how i feel more at home with people who i dont know then i ever did with the ones that are actually related to me. anyways my friend is rlly pretty and i love her alot